New Account/Registration Page

Problem Space

Trans-Ontario Express is a B2B LTL and FTL freight shipping company that does work for their customer accounts. New accounts would either have to be recruited through a sales rep, or they would have to email or call in order to create an account. There was no central landing page for new companies to register on their own. The registration page was buried in their resources & downloads page, which made it difficult for new customers to find.

The floor manager came to me and suggested to create an easier way for new companies to find the registration form. The registration form was buried in their resources & downloads page, did not have clear instructions on who to send the PDF to. The PDF was also not a fillable form, so customers would have to print off the form to fill it out, then either scan or fax it in.

My Role

  • UI Designer
  • Front-End Web Developer

First Temporary Design Made

I made a temporary landing page so customers can access the registration form easier while I design a new page, because I knew it would take some time.

Wireframes for the New Page

wireframe for registration page

Updated Mock-up

Developed Pages

First Draft

Updated Final Page

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